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  • A-Pocket-Full-of-Wheat-by-Dirk-Volcano-Book-6-of-6-Village-Detective-Series

    A Pocket Full of Wheat

    A Pocket Full of Wheat – When wheat is found in the pocket of a murdered businessman, Biddy Apple seeks a murderer with a penchant for nursery rhymes

  • They-Do-it-with-Smoke-by-Dirk-Volcano-Book-5-of-6-Village-Detective-Series

    They Do It With Smoke

    They Do It WIth Smoke – When Biddy Apple is invited to the manor house of an old friend, it is not long before a puzzling murder puts her mind to work.

  • A-Murder-is-Published-by-Dirk-Volcano-Book-4-of-6-Village-Detective-Series

    A Murder is Published

    A Murder is Published in the local village newspaper leads the curious villagers to Miss Hamshank’s home, where they become witnesses to a murder.

  • The-Shaky-Finger-by-Dirk-Volcano-Book-3-of-6-Village-Detective-Series

    The Shaky Finger

    A very English village is plagued by a spate of poison pen letters and murder. The Shaky Finger is a new case for Biddy Apple.

  • The-Body-in-the-Lounge-by-Dirk-Volcano-Book-2-of-6-Village-Detective-Series

    The Body in the Lounge

    In The Body in the Lounge Ginny Beans calls upon her friend Biddy Apple when the strangled corpse of an unknown woman is found in Prickly Hall.

  • Murder-at-the-Parsonage-by-Dirk-Volcano-Book-1-of-6-Village-Detective-Series

    Murder at the Parsonage

    In Murder at the Parsonage retired school teacher Biddy Apple has to find Brigadier Penrose’s killer in the village where everyone hated him. Even his wife!

  • Ultimate-Danger-by-Dirk-Volcano-Book-6-of-6-Dylan-Danger-Series

    Ultimate Danger

    Wounded, alone and hunted by the 5 of most dangerous killers in the world, ex-special forces officer Dylan Danger may not survive this Ultimate Danger.

  • Terror-Danger-by-Dirk-Volcano-Book-5-of-6-Dylan-Danger-Series

    Terror Danger

    In Terror Danger CIA agent, Kat Danger, uncovers a terrorist group no one believes exists. Only one man who can help her stop them from killing an entire city!

  • Dangerous-Times-by-Dirk-Volcano-Book-4-of-6-Dylan-Danger-Series

    Dangerous Times

    Dangerous Times. Dylan Danger Book 4. Dylan’s CIA trainee daughter is kidnapped by a Black Ops unit. The kidnappers made the biggest mistake of their lives.